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About us

        “SkyTechnology” was established in 2005 with participation of a leading British company producing decorative glass paint. The partnership’s aim was to promote cutting edge glass painting technology at the Russian market and neighboring countries. Besides, apart from the sales of consumable materials, it was necessary to bring to these markets the glass painting equipment. To accomplish this ambitious goal a glass painting machinery development laboratory and an assembly area was established at the company’s premises. This activity resulted in the first glass painting machine with numeric control (model DM1224 and its modifications) in 2006. That year the machine was presented at the international exhibition “MIR STEKLA” in Moscow. 

       At the moment the range of machines manufactured and featured by “SkyTechnology” has significantly increased. Apart from glass-painting machines, where four major models with various design options are available, our company also produces glass cutting machines and offers technologies for manufacturing products for interior decoration. Our company is a long-established manufacturer of a high-quality equipment and reliable contractor successfully performing contracts with our customers. That is why “SkyTechnology” products are successfully operating both in Russia and abroad.


Equipment delivery

Delivery of equipment manufactured by “M-Techno” is carried out directly from manufacturer premises located in Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk region.

Off the shelf equipment delivery in Russia is performed by truck, as currently it is the most reliable way to transport the machines to the customer. One of the benefits of the truck transportation is the capability to unload the truck from the top, from the side or from behind. Loading and unloading can be carried out by crane truck, fork lift or by human force, which gives enough options to choose from.

“M-Techno” managers search for the most cost-efficient delivery options as per the terms and cost of the machine delivery, taking into consideration every preference of the customer. All the equipment being delivered to the customer is carefully packed, i.e. machines are fixed to the wooden pallets by their feet, wrapped around with stretch wrap or placed into boxes (depending on the machine model).

In cargo bay of the truck our machines are fixed to the truck with lashing straps, preventing any mechanical damage to the machinery. Equipment is delivered directly to the customer, without any unnecessary stops and reloading to another truck, as the truck’s route is carefully selected to deliver the equipment to the customer in apparent good order and condition.

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