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  • Nazar

    Good day! Please tell me the price of the Luminar equipment and delivery price of all the components in Lvov city, Ukraine.

    Good afternoon. The cost of Luminar equipment is 25 000 USD. Delivery price in Lvov city, Ukraine cannot be told immediately. We need to work through all the possible options. I can say that the following equipment was sent to Minsk, Belarus and delivery price was about 2 200 USD. There were some supplies to Ukraine, so I guess there won’t be any problems. If you order the equipment, I will be working through all sorts of options for delivery while it will be manufacturing. If you have any further questions, please contact us. We will be glad to help.
  • Sanobar

    Hello! Send me a price list with the prices for contour machines and expendables. I'm from Tashkent and I'm interested in your product. Sincerely, Sanobar.

    Good afternoon. Price list with prices and quotations on the equipment you are interested in was sent to your email.
  • Zhanar

    Hello! I am very interested in glass printing technology and Voline technology. What is the price of the equipment and training? What is the training time?

    Good afternoon. The cost of the equipment is available on this site. Strongly recommend you to complete training. It can be performed in our factory. Training is absolutely free. If you buy two pieces of equipment we will do a good discount. All the supplies to the equipment can be bought from us and in Moscow.
  • Sergey

    How to remove air bubbles from the MAXLEAD contour enamel (neutral “contour B hardener”)? I tried to stir by slow swinging, warm up, keep for more than a day, but there are still small air bubbles, which are spoil the general view of the stained-glass window.

    Sergey, good day. It is recommended for you to contact our specialists using this number: +7-800-775-50-72
  • Vladimir

    Good day! I have a question. How do you deal with the dust?

    We combine air intake and extraction with moistening of air (using domestic air humidifier and clean floors 2 times a day)
  • Ramis

    Good day. Craters are appearing during the filling. What the reason makes that happen?

    The main cause of craters (judging by our observation) are air swirls caused by forced ventilation. Best way to avoid this negative effect is to disperse the air stream and lead it away from the place of filling.
  • Constantine

    Hello. Can you tell me, what is the base of the paints and is it acceptable to use it in sunny and damp conditions? Regards, Konstantin.

    Paints are based on acrylic monomers. Butyl acetate is used as a solvent. It is lasting on the street, in the damp and in the high temperature conditions (e.g. bath).
  • Eugeny

    Good day! Tell me, please what conditions are the best for the storage of polymer substances (base and hardener)?

    Good day. Optimal storage condition is a dark dry room. Temperature range is from +4 to +25 C. These terms and conditions are specified on each can.
  • Dmitry

    Hello. What are the differences between technical characteristics of these two machines - Pelican 1024 and Strekoza?

    Good day, Dmitry! "Pelican" and "Strekoza” are of the different design. “Pelican“ is a column-and-knee-type machine. Conveniences: it occupies less working space, it has convenient accessways from 3 sides. Also, it has ability to apply the pattern on the width of 2 meters (working width is 1m, but glass may be turned to the other side). Another advantage is the modular construction of legs of the table which allows to put it in through the 50 cm width door. Disadvantages are that contour application speed is only 4 meters per minute and idle running speed is 6 meters per minute while “Strekoza’s” application speed is 8 meters per minute (up to 12 meters per minute) and idle running speed is 30 meters per minute. It is very important if you deal with the mass production. Also, “Strekoza’s” operating area width is 60 cm more than “Pelican’s”; gantry-frame arrangement and stiff fabricated frame. Price is 4 700 USD higher than “Pelican’s”.
  • Ivan

    Good evening. Do you have a ready-made catalog of stained-glass window templates made in Corel Draw or AoutoCAD? Thanks.

    We do have printed catalog + all the work files + unit cost and market price calculations. This catalog contains nearly 500 ready-made solutions. All files are in one of two formats: Corel Draw or GlassEye. We also have about 800 additional ready-made solutions in Corel Draw format + colored JPG images and about 1500 ready-made GlassEye solutions. You get it for free when you buy our equipment + 20 paper catalogs!

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